Energy Systems Simulation in the Cloud

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Sundrino calculates

all major energy fluxes of your building

and shows you how you can cover the energy demand using state of the art renewable energy technologies.

Building envelope

Photovoltaic Modules
Definable hourly electricity



Heat Pumps
(Ground and Air Source )

Geothermal Borehole
Heat Exchangers

Solar Thermal Systems

Standard Simulation Model

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Forget the times of complicated software installations. Sign up with Sundrino and get started in seconds.

Thanks to our simulation cloud you can run complex simulations everywhere - also on your mobile device. Make the right decisions within seconds, no matter if you are on a construction site or in a meeting with a customer.

Sundrino is a simulation app for the rest of us.

We made huge efforts to reduce the interface to input parameters that are meaningful to a broad audience without sacrificing the accuracy of the simulation.

Under the hood Sundrino uses a high performance computational cloud that reduces the computation of the energy demand and other performance indexes from hours to seconds.

Sundrino is the perfect tool for HVAC engineers, solar and heating installers, architects and electric energy suppliers who want to get solutions on a holistic and systemic level fast and reasonably accurate.

Services based on Sundrino

Sundrino has a very modular structure, enabling us to build tailor made apps that fit your needs perfectly. Possible customer specific apps are:

Combination of the standard model to build customized apps, that model and simulate entire districts or cities.

Integration of an entire product line of a manufacturer for the sales or R&D team.

contact us, if you are interested in a customer specific version of Sundrino.

Plans and Pricing



  • 60 Simulations per month
  • Store a max. of 5 Projects
  • Only for single family
    home projects  


€49 / month

CHF 49 / month

excl. VAT

  • 300 Simulations per month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Without project